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Woodturning Lathe and thicknesser planer

The spindle on the woodturning lathe is mounted in bearings in the headstock and is caused to rotate by the motor. The headstock assembly is mounted on the lathe bed Carlos Correa Youth Jersey , which is the support which keeps all of the components of the lathe rigidly aligned. At the other end of the lathe bed is the tailstock, which supports the end of the work piece and which can be moved along the bed to suit different lengths of work piece. The tailstock usually also incorporates a sliding barrel, or 'quill' which can be moved in and out by turning a hand wheel, thus giving fine positional control and enabling end-loading to be applied to the work piece.

Also movably mounted on the lathe bed is the tool rest saddle which supports the tool post and tool rest. The tool rest saddle - sometimes also known as a 'banjo' because of the shape of this part on earlier lathes - is moved into position such that the tool can be rested on the tool rest and reach the work piece with full support. And that's about it for the essentials. Many lathes don't have any supporting structure beneath the bed and need to be mounted on a robust table or bench. Others come complete with a floor standing frame, or may indeed be integrated designs. Speed changing is normally effected by moving belts onto different-sized pulleys but many newer lathes now incorporate electronic variable speed systems and a few have mechanical speed variation systems that go with the woodturning lathe.

The work piece may be held in a number of different ways. Most commonly, especially for 'spindle work' such as chair legs, the work is held between a driving centre mounted in the headstock spindle and a rotating centre mounted in the tailstock barrel. For flat work such as platters and bowls, it is normal to use a faceplate onto which the work is attached by screws, before the faceplate itself is mounted onto the headstock spindle. If you would like more information then this can be found by entering the keywords ‘woodturning lathe’ into an internet search engine.

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