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cx888 Jan 12
One ball, two runs to win. Cheap Jordans Shoes For Sale . One to tie. A few seconds pass in silence. Hands are clasped together; the pressure palpable. And then red flags erupted as West Indian supporters came running down the stands of Central Broward Regional Park.A one-run victory for West Indies. The fans could have asked for little more.After the initial shock of loss wore off, the Indian fans applauded, realising what an unprecedented game of cricket they had witnessed. More than 30 sixes and fours; 489 runs separated by one.You cant get a better finish than this to conclude the first Indian match in the US., a West Indian fan called out to a group of Indian fans. They hugged and shook hands. They had got their moneys worth, and some of the tickets were not cheap.The game was an example of why cricket goes beyond who wins and loses. It goes beyond who takes the Man-of-the-Match award home. It was all about enjoying the thrill and the uncertainty of sport. With eight runs needed to win in the last over, the Indian fans looked confident, pumping fists and waving flags. But they wouldnt be heartbroken if India didnt make it. To witness the game was all that mattered to them.They wanted a spectacle and they got one.KL Rahul and Evin Lewis kept the crowd entertained in both innings, their cover drives and midwicket sixes elicited wild cheers from the crowd. Both got standing ovations when they reached their centuries.Chak de India, screamed a fan and the rest followed suit. Sometimes a West Indian fan joined in.When Rahul cruised to his century with a six, the crowd chanted Rahul, Rahul. When Dwayne Bravo pulled off the near impossible - denying India eight in the final over - the crowd chanted DJ, DJ.It was not about who would win. It was about how.If there is one person who could do it, it is DJ, said West Indian fan Geta Whitehall, waving her flag and jumping in excitement. Despite the overwhelming Indian fan base, the West Indian fans remained confident throughout. Were closer to home, you know, said Chris Whitehall.Midway through the first innings, a dance broke out in the stands next to the press box. A West Indian fan and an Indian were battling it out. The crowd chanted words of encouragement. Bhangra on one side. West Indian jive on the other. The fans bonded like never before.Most people have never witnessed India playing here before. The passion and happiness is more intense here because of how rare cricket is played here, said Gourabh Arora, an Indian fan who flew down with his nine-year-old daughter from Virginia.After the game, MS Dhoni said Indian fans follow the team wherever they go and it was a pleasure to play in front of the crowd. Even if were playing in the Bermuda Triangle, theyll be there, he said. Dhoni also joked about how the closest people came to witnessing sixes here were home runs in baseball and not many of those are scored in a game.At the tail end of the chase, the big screen read: Fan of the day - Cherry. And the stand next to the press box broke into loud cheers. Cherry Patel, an Indian fan from Tampa, was going to get a chance to get a photo with Virat Kohli. She stood up on the chair and screamed, the painting of the word Virat visible on her legs. The crowd cheered Cherry, Cherry.The crowd stayed back for the presentation ceremony as Ravi Shastris booming voice rang around the stadium. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wont forget this, said Raja Selvaraj, an engineer from Atlanta.Fans walked out, flags and posters safely tucked away in their bags.We are coming back tomorrow, they said. Cheap Jordan Retro Shoes For Sale . "Trying to breathe," he said with a grin. Bernier stopped 42 of 43 shots on Monday night, including all 22 in a hectic middle frame, his heroic performance propelling the Leafs toward an undue point in their final game before the Christmas break. Cheap Jordan Retro 11 Sale . Manuel was offered a position the day he was fired. He accepted earlier this week and the team made the announcement Friday. . The Swede became the first golfer to win the PGA Tours FedEx Cup and European Tours Race to Dubai in the same season. "It is still taking a little time to sink in what Ive achieved this week as was the case when I won the FedEx Cup but then it just kept getting better and better as the days went on and I am sure this will be the same," he said. I went from being a promising cricketer to a has-been without a major career in the intervening period. It was a route many took. As a has-been, I played league cricket in two cities with a group of overgrown enthusiasts who had the reverse of amnesia - they could remember things that never happened. For example, taking incredible catches at slip, or scoring a century.We strutted out to bat like our heroes, with our collars raised. We knew all the stories, all the jokes - and that convinced us we had all the strokes, knew all the tricks, and that on a clear day we could make the ball reverse swing. And that we could do it on a belly full of beer, which was the staple lunch.Surprisingly, in both phases - the promising and the has-been - we did identical things. We picked national teams with a shrewdness and a lack of bias that was impressive. We knew so much theory it was a wonder we were able to let go of the ball while bowling. As batsmen we were so conscious of where our left shoulder, right foot, even the parting of our hair ought to be, that our regular dismissals for single-digit scores were put down to astrological reasons.Our heads were filled with statistics. In later years our bank codes were built around 6996, 8032, 413 and other well-known figures from the game. We thought we were unique in all this - including the manner in which we followed the fortunes of the national team.The true cricket lover is a fantasist, a legend in his own mind. One such, Marcus Berkmann, has captured some of this flavour in his delightful Rain Men. Cricket forces its players into such contortions of body and mind that it amazes me there arent more books on the humour of the game. Rain Men is not, as one review has suggested, the Fever Pitch of cricket. Fever Pitch (by Nick Hornby) is a tribute to fandom by an Arsenal supporter, but it lacks the lunacy of Rain Men. Or perhaps it is easier for me to identify with a cricket obsessive. One of my regrets as a PG Wodehouse fan is that the Master chose to move to the US, and baseball and golf, despite being a cricket fan. He has written some evocative pieces on cricket (brought together in the book Wodehouse At The Wicket edited by Murray Hedgcock), but nothing commensurate with his interest in the game. Cheap Nike Air Jordan Retro 13. This was a sound business decision, calculated not to alienate his American audience, for Wodehouse continued to follow the game. Legend has it that he gave up his bank job after taking off to The Oval to watch Jessops Match (Gilbert Jessop made 104 out off 139 before Wilfred Rhodes and George Hirst took England to a one-wicket win in 1902), and being forced to return to work before the fireworks started.In Swami and Friends, RK Narayan has written engagingly on the game, capturing the anxieties of the young minds playing it in the local community. But Rain Men (subtitle: The Madness of Cricket) is different because it meshes obsession, resignation, and the batting average that reads like a shoe size. And it speaks uncomfortable truths, especially about the village game, so beloved of myth-makers.Village cricket is a brutal sport in which the strong thrive and the weak are quickly pummelled into submission, says Berkmann. Never in hundreds of village cricket matches have I seen a floppy-eared bunny rabbit scamper anywhere, unless its under the wheels of a passing lorry. Robin redbreasts search in vain for branches of 200-year oaks from which to tweet, as Farmer Giles has had them all cut down. The last burly blacksmith died in 1967. The new parson spends Saturday afternoons with his friend Clive.Berkmanns team, Captain Scott XI (named after the polar explorer who is the symbol of the second best) plays as only such teams can. Without anything incidental like trophies or prestige to aim at, most friendly sides have long since opted for internal strife, he says, and adds, To be treated with the respect you arent due is the dream of every talentless sportsman. Many of my old club-mates will vouch for that.Rain Men by Marcus Berkmann Little, Brown, 1996Wodehouse at the Wicket by PG Wodehouse Hutchinson, 1997 Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Nike NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Nike Basketball Jerseys Hockey Jerseys China Supply Baseball Jerseys Football Jerseys Sale Authentic College Jerseys MLB Jerseys China Stitched Soccer Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Nike Jerseys ' ' ' 
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