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ylq Mar 15
This is going to be a good year. There are thousands of styles, and even more people have no words, but will smile like a world, there is nothing, can be eternal. If it wants to flow, let it flow away. If it exists, let it dry up. If it grows, then let it slowly wither to stop the rain, how does the stream flow? If you leave, how does love ask? If the water is gone, how can the fish swim? If nothing happens, how can I When you go to things like smoke, you can��t go, you��re also imaginary, and you love and hate. The leaves fall silently and self-mutilate, only the way is, looking for ambiguity, cold and clear, miserable. But helpless, forever and for a long time, this hate is a period of insults, and where is the words. If life is only as early as the first sight, then it is only ordinary, and when I look back, I have already gone far and far, but I can��t look back. I still have a hard time in the heart, and I��ve accumulated some unspeakable sadness. In the "Altar", I told a story like this: He said, "When the rain is coming, the thick woods block the wind in the sky. A lake is flat, and the waves are not good. From the lake, you can see the heavens and the earth. Seeing the Cangsheng, seeing the sun and the moon Cigarettes Online Store, seeing the wind, this lake means that your heart wants to tell us what it means to be; as long as the heart is not chaotic, then the world is not chaotic; if you can be quiet, then wisdom is born, we only have one, But don't pretend too much. People, only for a lifetime, don't chase too tired. There are two heights in a person's life. One depends on your personal efforts, and the other depends on many choices. The so-called "the mountain is not high, there is a fairy name. The water is not deep, there is a dragon." Si is a dim room, but Wu Dexin. The reason why the waterfall can be fearless on the cliff is because it can sing a kind of song of the majestic life. You said that if the butterfly is to be happy in the flowers, it must be first and foremost. Endure the pain of breaking with the shackles. "If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your weapon." If people don't learn, they don't know righteousness. Rice can not be eaten for one day, but night can not sleep for a day, but the only book is not the one that can't be read in a day, but the one who is not good, but the other is the same. The tenth in the Analects of Confucius is described in this way. "Let's learn from time to time, don't you talk about it? Have friends come from afar, are you happy? People don't know what to do, not a gentleman? Zeng Zi said: "My three provinces, my Fan Zhongyan, once said," The world is full of worries and worries, and the world is happy. "It can be sad, but it is an indescribable pain. It is a kind of unclear taste. If it is a broken place, it will be put together, then what is the meaning? So if the heart is clean, then it will be If you are free from the heart, then what time can you do? You can live your life quietly. Whatever you need, everything is eager for the understanding and recognition of others. Every hardship in life is true Marlboro Red 100S Carton. In, forcing you to work hard, forcing you to work hard to grow and wear a crown, you must bear the weight. If you want to be difficult, you will give up your empty space. Every step, every way, just to get rid of the hardships of your life Newports 100S, let It has become more happy and happy. Perhaps the most beautiful fairy tale in the world is just a big dream for you to spend the years with the rice and oil. "Educating people to raise oneself first Cigarette Wholesalers, and cultivating oneself first to cultivate the heart", although there is no corresponding cause for everything, but it is necessary to have the fruit of its cycle Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, Buddhism is so;
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