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ylq Mar 15
The night rains come, and the rushing is like a waterfall. The sounds of the agitation are echoing between the heavens and the earth. The showers are slanting the weak branches. The mighty summer is still there, and the lightning flashes through the sky, for the power of nature. Suddenly, the power was suddenly blacked out, and the mother��s hand was lit with red candles, which gave a soft glow, and the lights swayed slightly. The night owls listened to the wind and the rain, and the hand fanned a fan to start my meditation. Recalling Feng Xiaocai's prose "Time", he also encountered blackouts in the blackout and wrote a candle: "The candlelight is like a bright flower, quietly floating in the dark space; indoors without wind, this light flower is extraordinarily elegant And the beauty; a little light spread out Cigarette Wholesale, and faintly outlines the surrounding things." His words added poetry to me, and the thoughts gradually slammed the candle and gradually withdrew from people's lives. We also lost the ancient people's candlelight night tour. pleasure. Su Shi��s ��I��m afraid to sleep in the night, so I burned high-calorie red makeup�� is a delicate heart. Li Shangyin��s ��When to cut the western window candle Cheap Cigarette Cartons, but when the Bashan night rains�� is a deep affection. Zhao Shixiu��s ��I don��t have to spend the night and half, and I��m going to knock the chess pieces down.�� It��s a leisurely and elegant old man��s mind. It��s a good idea to use a wax seal letter to make a secret, easy to carry and prevent moisture, but I��ve never I sent a letter like this. Young people often play with wax oil and try to drip into the shape of various animals. It was also the song that grew up with the song, the little mouse, the lampstand, the oil, and the next, and the squatting down. Whenever there is a power outage in high school, the school will send a candle to the students. At this time, the camera is out of order and the machine is whispering. After the indoor call, it was abruptly bright, and I took away the thoughts of roaming. The rain stopped slightly and the insects penetrated into the green screen. Not long after, I am ready to fall asleep but I can't sleep. Think of Bai Juyi's "When the worm" poem: "The dark worms stay up all night, but the autumn yin is rainy. I am afraid that the monks will sleep for a while, and the sound will move closer to the bed." On such an autumn night, the insects screamed. Delivered to the ear, smashed the scorpion, and then opened it is already white in the East. Back to the world, I ran to the hotel. The hotel was on the edge of the water. The water in the river was very clear. There was a boat in the water. I didn��t know what I was doing. I didn��t see any movements on the bridge for a long time. I felt that the ship��s house was a little disappointing and so good to find the picture. . I wanted to let the kid accompany me to the waters, but when I was too tired, I took a rest in the room and went to the airport in the morning to go directly to Mianyang City. The plane came and went for nearly two hours. At five o'clock in the afternoon, I went to the mall to go to the bleak. When the family went to buy something Newport 100S Cigarettes, I watched it and found that the mall actually opened a bookstore in a corner and saw someone reading. Mostly children, there are two middle-aged people, an old man, sitting there quietly reading. This scene suddenly surprised me. In the blink of an eye, this is the soul of the big city Newports 100. Sitting on the high-speed rail and looking out the window, the Jialing River passed by. The family told me that she saw an interesting thing when she waited for us at Tianmen Mountain. A big sister led two children to play in Tianmen Mountain. As the ground was wet and slippery, the youngest boy (about three years old) fell. He looked at no one to pay attention to him and he climbed up. Then she went to the girl (the girl was about seven or eight years old) and cried aloud, and the girl ignored him. He cried for a while and found that there was no result. He ran to his mother and looked at his mother's face and cried. His mother saw it early, but he ignored him from beginning to end. In desperation, he wiped his eyes and didn't cry. He took a leaf and played it. I don't know what the two scenes are related to, but at the end of the trip, I thought I would go out once. A lot of feelings and feelings, when I arrived home at 8 o'clock in the evening, I only lamented that I was in the middle of the morning, and I felt at home in one day. Besides, I only slept and fell asleep. I slept again and didn��t think about anything. It seems that after thousands of miles Cheap Cigarette, I am still the original, I am not saved, so I will stop here, the trip will be over, or nothing will be obtained without the end of the content, or nothing.
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