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zhangsan520 Mar 15

A hotel tycoon from Dongguan http://www.newjerseydevilsteamstore.com/ , South China's Guangdong Province, stood trial on Wednesday for organizing prostitution, assisting in the sex trade and destroying evidence.

The Dongguan Intermediate People's Court also charged 46 other people for the crimes but said the offenses committed by Liang Yaohui, 47, owner of the five-star Dongguan Taizi Hotel http://www.newjerseydevilsteamstore.com/adidas-will-butcher-jersey , were "particularly serious."

A hotel tycoon from Dongguan, South China's Guangdong Province, stood trial on Wednesday for organizing prostitution, assisting in the sex trade and destroying evidence. A hotel tycoon from Dongguan, South China's Guangdong Province http://www.newjerseydevilsteamstore.com/adidas-travis-zajac-jersey , stood trial on Wednesday for organizing prostitution, assisting in the sex trade and destroying evidence. The five-star Dongguan Taizi Hotel Liang Yaohui, 47, owner of the five-star Dongguan Taizi Hotel A hotel tycoon from Dongguan, South China's Guangdong Province http://www.newjerseydevilsteamstore.com/adidas-taylor-hall-jersey , stood trial on Wednesday for organizing prostitution, assisting in the sex trade and destroying evidence.

The prosecutors claimed that Liang and his team helped organize more than 100,000 prostitution activities, a substantial part of which involved underage prostitutes.

The prosecutors said Liang ordered the destruction of two truckloads of documents after a media exposé. They said that the sauna division of the Dongguan Taizi Hotel, a veiled name for his prostitution organization http://www.newjerseydevilsteamstore.com/adidas-steve-santini-jersey , was able to rake in over 48.9 million yuan ($7.9 million) in profit in 2013 alone.

Liang and three people denied the charges while the other 43 pleaded guilty in court.

Lawyers believe that Liang could face life in jail or even the death sentence if convicted.

Liang was detained in April last year in a sex trade crackdown, after China Central Television exposed footage of rampant prostitution in Dongguan, including a nude show at Liang's hotel.

The crackdown cost the jobs of two Dongguan police chiefs after they were found to have colluded with the prostitution rings and served as their protectors in exchange for bribes. Liang was also stripped of his title as a deputy to the 12th National People's Congress on the day he was detained.

According to a Tuesday report from news site thepaper, Liang "industrialized" his prostitution business by offering his "sauna technicians" training courses and routine health checks and standardizing the recruiting procedures.

He allegedly charged his customers rates ranging from 600 yuan to 1,500 yuan based on the physical condition of the "technicians http://www.newjerseydevilsteamstore.com/adidas-stefan-noesen-jersey ," many of them underage. The "technicians" would also receive medical treatment if they were found to have contracted contagious diseases.

Liang's Taizi Hotel was just the tip of the iceberg in Dongguan, a city that for the past decade bore the name "China's sex capital."

According to Yang Zongren, former head of the Intermediate People's Court of Dongguan, the city's police arrested 917 people in the 2014 crackdown, among whom 673 had been indicted.

Hua Jingfeng http://www.newjerseydevilsteamstore.com/adidas-scott-wedgewood-jersey , an official from the Ministry of Public Security, said in February that after a year of police efforts, prostitution and gambling activities in Dongguan's entertainment venues have been effectively curbed, thepaper reported.

According to the China Business Journal, Liang's wealth was valued at 2 billion yuan in 2008. He allegedly owns 10 oil wells in Kazakhstan.

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