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mmocs Apr 18
Anthem only launched a couple of months ago but it already feels like the game has completely fallen off a cliff. BioWare's looter shooter failed to find any kind of momentum post-launch, partly because it was hit with a recurring barrage of bad press. The title no longer makes it onto the top 40 of the UK charts, and it barely scrapes a few hundred viewers at any one time on streaming website Twitch. Obviously these metrics aren't concrete indicators of a game's success, but there's no smoke without fire.

In SyntaxTheGr8’s survey, out of the 1000+ responses that were given, the results are not looking promising. 49.9% of those surveyed said that they had experienced “many” bugs, with 20.6% of those surveyed stating that they experienced “many, including hardware affecting bugs.” Another not so positive response was when the survey asked players, “Are you currently in a Clan or Guild?” 88.3% of those surveyed answered “no” to this question. These are troubling numbers, especially when you consider that Anthem is a multiplayer-focused game that centers around teamwork.

According to a new poll that surveyed over 1,000 Anthem players on the subreddit, over half of the respondents have left the game entirely. 52% of the 1,059 surveyed gamers, or about 562 players, have quit the game for good. This is just a drop in the bucket to Anthem's playerbase, which probably stretches in the hundreds of thousands if not millions, but its a sampling of some of the game's most dedicated users.

Nearly all of the gamers polled (98.4%) had played the game for more than an hour, so few of the answers were from players who had barely spent any time with the game. A total of 70.3% of players had experienced many bugs while they'd been playing the game. Of the polled players, 52.9% stated they had already quit actively playing the game, with a further 28.2% stating they were thinking of quitting too. This was likely to be because 81.4% of players polled thought the future of the game looked concerning, or they didn't like the direction in which it was heading at all.

As for players’ outlook on the future, well, only 36% think the game’s future is “not looking good at all” followed by the second biggest percentage of respondents being “concerned” about the game’s future. Oh, and as for BioWare’s feedback, 38% of players rated it 1 out of 5.The survey also asked respondents what one thing they’d change about Anthem and the answers have been garbled together into a pretty interesting word cloud.While 1,000 players is a pretty small pool, and some could say that generally the community on sites like Reddit dent to be more on the pessimistic (sometimes toxic) side, this is still a pretty damning report. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Anthem Boosting from Mmocs at a reasonable price.
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