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skeily May 13

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic solution that can permanently or permanently destroy your hair from the roots and save a lot of time, effort and pain.

When waxing, the hair is removed from the skin, but the hair will grow out. However, in laser treatment, the hair follicles are damaged and the growth cycle is interrupted. It is one of the most commonly used technologies in the United States and has begun to be an effective hair removal solution on a global scale.

Laser technology is the first choice for face, leg, arm, armpit, bikini line and other areas. The duration of treatment depends on the area of ​​skin taken. This is a medical procedure that requires trained and skilled professionals to get the best results. So if you plan a laser, then this is all you need to know, making it worth the time, pain and cost.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

When considering high-tech treatment, you need to make sure it is accurate for your skin type. Here's how you need to be prepared.

Avoid sun exposure before and after the method - UV light reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.
Shave your hair the day before the appointment so that the energy reaches the base instead of the extra length of hair.
Consult your skin specialist before indulging
Only go to well-known salons
There is no plucking and waxing between treatments as it temporarily removes the hair. Although laser hair removal is something against the roots. Therefore, in order for the surgery to be effective, normal hair growth is required.
It is recommended to use a laser with a longer wavelength. Long-pulsed Nd Yag lasers are used for dark skin.

Laser hair removal and IPL

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is similar to a laser in destroying the hair growth cycle. However, the two procedures are slightly different depending on the wavelength of the light used and the ability to destroy it. Unlike spotlights, a broad spectrum of high-intensity light is used in the IPL method to kill the hair. Unlike a single focused laser treatment beam, light is emitted from the device at multiple wavelengths.

IPL is also considered to be cheaper than laser technology. In addition, IPL is best for those with dark and thick hair, because darker and thicker hair absorbs light better, so the result is better. At the same time, however, it is not safe for dark skin because the heating of the pigment means a greater risk of skin burns.

It's no wonder that IPL is very effective, but because of the low penetration rate, it may take more treatment time. The key difference is the technique used to generate light. The laser enters the skin deeper through a single beam of light and produces fast results.

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

The cost of laser hair removal machine depends on the area of ​​skin that must be treated. Your upper lip can be as low as $72. If facial hair is removed, each session can cost around $290 to $506.
In addition, if you choose 2 to 3 body parts, the price will automatically decrease. If you want a complete laser hair removal for the face or arm, etc., chances are to end up with one in 100,000. But in the long run, you will find this technology both economical and feasible.

Undoubtedly, laser hair removal is more expensive than waxing and shaving, but considering the wonderful effects, you will find it very valuable and effective. Over time, laser hair removal has become cheaper in many countries.

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