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xuezhiqian123 Sep 12
Print special surface after processing technology

Posted by toby456 on April 10th [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/Hoodie/]Cheap Broncos Hoodie[/url] , 2014

Print on the surface of the gold and silver processing (a) after the printing

1) hot stamping - has a unique metallic luster and strong visual contrast, appear elegant and gorgeous, all its products and holographic hot stamping has a very good imitation pseudo and adornment effect, by hot-pressing electrochemical aluminum transfer.

2) cold gold technology needs in hot stamping parts printed on printing quality on the surface of the PV adhesive [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/T-Shirts/]Cheap Broncos T-Shirts[/url] , hot stamping foil is no special electrochemical aluminum hot melt adhesive.

On the impression cylinder under the condition of no heat, depending on the adhesive viscosity and pressure between the drum for the shift of hot stamping foil.

3) printing gold - fast, but the gloss effect is not too good, offset printing.

4) imitation metal etching [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/Customized/]Broncos Customized Jersey[/url] , silk screen frosted - good luster, slow speed, and high cost.

5) sweep gold process in the designated parts of the printing quality of the attached special metal powder, to realize gold-like effect - the use of golden light shine need pattern of PS [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/]Broncos Inverted Jerseys[/url] , through offset press printed on the bottom of a layer of thin and uniform adhesive, printed a bottom glue china printing quality by adsorption of gold powder coated stick sweep gold machine, gold powder evenly sprayed onto the paper, and then after four special polishing machine. With paper gold powder brush [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/...nes-Inverted-Jersey/]Dre'Mont Jones Broncos Jersey[/url] , polishing, make the paper printed a bottom part of powders Firmly stick, and then by high vacuum adsorption multiple cleaning system,

Print the three-dimensional effect of surface processing (2) after printing

1 pressure bump - no ink [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/...ock-Inverted-Jersey/]Drew Lock Broncos Jersey[/url] , the use of concave 丨 letterpress will print pressure relief of graphic processing method, effect and vivid and beautiful, stereo sense is strong.

2 plastic - use crystal glue plastic drops form to print effect of crystal protruding from the surface of the processing technology, Shanghai printing its glittering and translucent. Stereo adornment effect is good. Also has a water resistant. Resistant to moisture. Durable. Uv protection performance available hand-made small area [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/...ner-Inverted-Jersey/]Dalton Risner Broncos Jersey[/url] , large area. High quality industrial production using special drip molding machine, semi-automatic and fully automata, process - simple. Say not here...

3 embossing - paper or leather after embossing drum and rubber roller, electric carving or corrosion design can be made - the simplest process

Print special gloss surface processing (3) after printing

1 refraction processing - refraction is in with electrochemical aluminum or aluminum material surface with dense belling process pressure out of the slightly concave and convex line of different direction [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/...ant-Inverted-Jersey/]Noah Fant Broncos Jersey[/url] , these lines sparkling light reflection to make print more different, pattern is lifelike, and imitation pseudo effect.

1) traditional refraction process - from different directions of lines and curves according to the regular arrangement of geometric shapes, lines effects of basic elements [url=https://www.broncossportsgoods.com/...man-Inverted-Jersey/]Royce Freeman Broncos Jersey[/url] , a product is commonly 4 to 6 each Angle, unfavorable and overmuch

2) new process to the integrated use of computer technology and the traditional refraction plate. Printing. The belling process, according to the radian of design change, changing the refractive effect curve
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