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Some Exciting Facts About Weight Loss Health Articles | November 22 Kahale Warring Youth Jersey , 2016

Many of us are deeply concerned about weight loss and appearance. Some of us are even on a lookout for the easiest way to lose weight. With weight loss, one looks better, the appearance improves, one is more confident.


Many of us are deeply concerned about weight loss and appearance. Some of us are even on a lookout for the easiest way to lose weight. With weight loss, one looks better, the appearance improves Max Scharping Youth Jersey , one is more confident.

So then one is happier about going out, meeting people, maybe even taking up a few hobbies. As one loses weight, one by default becomes more extrovert and enjoys being around with friends. And a higher feel good factor is just another one of the highs.

Many of us intend to lose weight. We try out different ways to achieve the same; some of us may choose to go for high intensity exercise, while others may set out to achieve their weight loss goals by means of dieting, or maybe trying out an all new diet.

While achieving weight loss goals gives one a high Lonnie Johnson Youth Jersey , one might feel disappointed if one is not able to lose weight. Nevertheless, a very surprising fact about weight loss is that one receives a tremendous boost to one's everyday health and well being, even if one loses 5-10% of bodyweight. This fact is backed by science. If one loses just 5-10% of weight, it enables one to get over a host of obesity related conditions.


1] Most importantly, losing weight, just 5-10% of one's overall bodyweight allows one to have a healthier heart. This is mainly because losing a slight amount of weight allows one to increase the HDL Tytus Howard Youth Jersey , or good cholesterol levels in our bodies.

It is medically known that increasing HDL, even by a few points is extremely difficult. But if one loses just 5-10% of weight, HDL increases by up to 5 points. And as a result, chances of development of any cardiovascular ailment are greatly reduced.


2] Weight loss is sure to augur well for anyone suffering from diabetes. In a very medical way, weight loss holds the secret to an improved glucose control. And if one loses even a slight weight of 5 -10%, one wouldn't require insulin. So with weight loss J.J. Watt Youth Jersey , one could even be in a condition to get over diabetes.


3] Weight loss is also linked with Insulin Resistance, something which is again very closely linked with diabetes.

When one is suffering from insulin resistance, the body is not able to make proper use of insulin, which is necessary for the cells in the body to use glucose, and gain energy for everyday functions.

Correspondingly for an individual suffering from insulin resistance, the pancreas produces insulin in a higher quantity. And this results in deposition of fat in the body Deshaun Watson Youth Jersey , especially around the waist. Alternately, excess production of insulin also accounts for abnormal cholesterol levels in the body.

But when one loses weight, excess production of insulin in the body is curbed, and this works towards improving the condition.


4] Being overweight has been associated with bodily inflammation. When one is overweight, fat cells produce substances which cause inflammation of blood vessels. While this inflammation can lead to clots and plaques, it could even lead to stroke and heart attack in some cases.

However Justin Reid Youth Jersey , as an individual loses just 10% of weight, inflammatory substances in the bloodstream are greatly reduced. So this even works towards minimizing the chances of vascular damage.


For weight loss, a much improved everyday health and an enhanced feel good factor, Dr. Tea is a must try. Dr. Tea is a tremendous beverage that has been made from green tea and some rare therapeutic herbs. It has often been cited as the 'wonder brew', or the easiest way to lose weight. Some other benefits of Dr. Tea on our everyday being are that it

- Boosts metabolism.

- Increases energy levels.

- Fights signs of ageing.

- Rejuvenates the mind and body.

- Removes toxins.

- Makes the skin glow.

- Helps reduce chronic constipation.

- Strengthens immunity.

(Get your Dr. Tea at http:teleskyshoppingdr-tea ).

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