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pejlsalh31 Jan 14
body hadn't developed, that kind of the training of the squeeze type, influence the body very much.Although afterwards, my boxing in the house inside the cultivation under the teacher door.But young the body owe debts too many, make my potential not high, even if attain inside extreme limit in the house, the extreme limit of human body.The body character compares it'many Er Ges especially Luo's man'etc. person to still need to differ many."
  Don't across into respected master state, the person at most attained his/her own body extreme limit, can not outstrip.
  The training needs to have a degree.
  Be like some athletes, for the sake of result, try very hard to every day of toughen, for the sake of the Duo medal Duo position, young time, they the Chi Mao match field.But they among them many people arrive middle age, the body dropped for the Kua.
  Certainly the athlete trains degree still not exaggerated.
  Be like some Tai boxings to train, it are bedlamites to have pure some people among them, a machine.20-year-old time of they, very terrible.But their many people even in all live however is 40 years old, even if the age grows a point,may want to support a walking stick!Because their potentials squeeze of Be getting tooer many, even the vitalities were in advance consumed.
  Inside boxing in the house but the dissimilarity!
  China of inside boxing in the house very miraculous, because inside boxing in the house the first purpose don't  is to is homicidal, but is a health!
  First health, kill people behind.
  Be like a Tai boxing superior, arrive 40 years old don't go.Can inside strong in the house, 40 years old are the on the contrary the peakest times.Especially inside boxing respected master in the house, even if is 8910 years old, still keep owning to let the terrible real strenght of public Zhan.Is whichever inside boxing respected master in the house, as long as is more deathless than to fight, all generally can live 100 many year old.
  Be showed from this inside the effect of the house boxing health.
  Certainly among nations, equally have thou yoga in India of long history, also own miraculous effect.Although can not with inside boxing in the house match in excellence, can inside boxing difficulty Gao in house, thou the yoga difficulty is a little bit low, thou yoga cultivation is on the contrary more.Certainly ss class in the whole world, or say a respected master class strong, all of great majorities are the house boxing in the cultivations.
  "Once attaining respected master state, can outstrip human body extreme limit."Teng green mountain not from peep out one silk smiling face.
  Inside extreme limit in the house, completely control each muscle.
  And respected master state, can then the strength of the muscle, Jin film and bone, Best Hunting Knife this is also the same body, why the respected master strong exertion strength stronger cause.
  "However press the department to cultivate for everyday of class'three body types''five lines of boxings''12 forms', gradually enhance bone, lift high gluten film resilience, strengthen muscle density, can this speed is too slowly too slow."The Teng green mountain feels deeply about a , " luckily, teacher he is spread to I the strongest secret of form idea boxing'tiger form magical power'."
  China of inside boxing category in the house a lot of, in addition to three boxings, also have eight pole boxings, five Zu boxings, Hong boxing and back boxing and sing many boxings like spring boxing,etcs to grow.
  Why can, the form idea boxing, gossip Zhang and Taichi can declare three boxings, other inside boxing in the house low ascend a wait?
  Other boxings grow, can not attain respected master state?Not, other groups, there is also respected master birth, the person who study is also a lot of.
  The differentiation being real is the differentiation of respected master!
  Three respected masters of boxings, all generally compare other inside boxing respected master in the house have to be strong!Because, Best Hunting Knife is other to arrive inside boxing self-discipline in the house'respected master state'after, will press the department slowly promoting of the class.But three boxing groups, but is respectively have a secret.After attaining respected master state, then can cultivate of secret!
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