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Etiquette for using the Forums

Ground Rules

There's a few ground rules for using the forums here at Please respect them and each other.

Be Civil (aka Don't Be a Dick)

Stay away from personal attacks. There's no reason to fly off the handle and 'protect your honor'. Posts containing personal attacks may be removed or edited for content by a moderator.

Stay on Topic

Forums can become high-traffic and are often read by busy people, or in our case, smiths who have worked hard in their forge all day and now just want to chill out with their favorite adult beverage and catch up on what others in our craft are doing. Pay attention to what you're writing and try to keep it on the topic at hand. If you really must go off-topic, for the benefit of other users we suggest taking it to a private message or starting a new topic in a relevant area.

Be Kind to Newbies

Newbies can be annoying. We get it. They ask the wrong questions or repeat questions that may have been answered a dozen or more times before. Many great contributors to forums were once newbies themselves at one point in time. It's part of the learning curve. 

You don't have to humor them, you can ignore them, or you could suffer through it and point them in the right direction, steer them away from the wrong directions and feel free to point out their mistakes. It's how we learn.

Newbies, you're not off the hook here either. Utilizing the search function on the site will go a long way, don't assume that no one has ever answered your question before. Sure, we're a newbie site at the moment, but someday I'll be able to delete this line. :)

Don't Poke the Bear (aka Don't Be a Dick: Re-Deux)

While it's often tempting to revisit topics just to rile someone else up or even piss them off, don't do it. We don't want our forums to turn into a long list of flame wars. Administrators will probably remove your post... and your account if you can't seem to understand this simple concept.

No Cross-Posting

Don't write the same post in more than one forum. People will see it, that's part of the cool technical stuff that goes along with our social platform base. People see stuff in an organized and informative ways. If no-one is replying they might not be interested, not in the mood or a variety of other reasons - if that's the case it doesn't matter how often you post the same topic and it will probably just make people not want to reply even more.

Keep Your Attachments Small

We allow something that not a lot of other forums allow, attachments of all sorts and you can read about what types are allowed in the other sticky post in this forum specifically written on the subject. Do your research before you attach the files. Be kind to our server hardware, bandwidth and the people who may be downloading your attachments. Try to keep them as small as you can. For instance, if you want to share a blueprint for a new forge design you're working on, be aware that xyz software may make a PDF file that's 20x larger than abc's PDF rendering engine. In general, if it's below a few hundred kb it's probably good. Also watch your photo's. A lot of phones take photo's that are 5mb or even larger. Trim them down a bit or adjust the resolution. We often don't need 22mp images attached to a post to see what you're talking about.

Identify Your Subject Matter

Most importantly, identify your subject matter! Don't post topics with subjects like "question", instead make it informative and relevant to searches, for instance "A question about Kinyon style hammers". It makes the forum easier to read for those of us who may not have all the time in the world, often skimming through until a topic that piques our curiosity jumps off the page at us. 

Watch Your Language

Yes, while English is the official language of this site, that's not what we're talking about. While we understand colorful language and its usefulness in expressing opinions, try to keep it in control. Believe it or not, not dropping expletives every other word in what you're writing can actually be more appealing to another person who may happen to have a broader, less foul-mouthed, more creative vocabulary than your own. If you're in doubt if something might offend someone, you're probably giving yourself the answer. 


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