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BANGKOK -- Amanda Carr didnt let the disappointment of missing selection for the 2012 Olympics hold her back for long. Paulo Orlando Jersey .She got back on her BMX, changed direction and is now finalizing her packing plans for Rio de Janeiro, and harboring genuine medal ambitions. Just not for the U.S.Carr will be representing Thailand in Rio, having switched allegiance after missing a spot on the U.S. team for London four years ago. She has already won a gold medal for Thailand at the 2014 Asian Games.A dual U.S.-Thai citizen from Punta Gorda, Florida, Carr been racing BMX since she was five.She won her age-group events at the BMX World Championships in 2005 and 2006 but, realizing she would not be quite old enough to be eligible for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, she put the sport aside and decided to work toward becoming a student athlete. She won a soccer scholarship to North Carolina State. After a transfer to Florida State she trained in heptathlon.It was in her dorm room in North Carolina, watching the Beijing Olympics on TV, when she had a sudden realization.Thats when I saw BMX and thought `Ive raced all those girls before, I can do this, she told The Associated Press during a recent visit to Thailand. From there, that was when the path came back to BMX and to the Olympics.Carr joined the U.S. national team training program and, with her years of top-level experience and elite fitness standards, she had a strong chance at qualifying for London. Final selection came down to performances at the world championships in Birmingham, England.I really did have a fighting shot, Carr recalled. In the quarterfinals the top four would transfer on to the semifinals. I was top four going into the first turn, and the first person fell. One person lost a little bit of control, and it caused us to domino.After years of preparation, her London Olympic dream was over because of a collision in which she was blameless.It is ruthless, and thats what a lot of us love and hate about it at the same time, Carr said. Growing up, we just understood thats what the sport entails. You just have to roll with the punches.It was a mature response, but reflects a sense of perspective that she developed after witnessing the family home burn down in 2007.We lost everything in the fire, I lost trophies, Carr said. We were very lucky to walk away from the fire. I was only 17, so I didnt process it like my parents did because I didnt go through the financial sacrifices of building it. But I have learnt all the material things can be replaced but family things cant be replaced.So despite the disappointment of missing the 2012 Olympics, she wasnt surprised when the same competition presented her with an alternative direction.I saw a gentleman sitting there -- the Thai national coach, she said. Under Thai culture, if you see another Thai you walk up and politely say hello. He looked at me and said `Youre half Thai? You should consider racing for Thailand.Within months, she followed up the offer.Switching allegiance was a pragmatic decision for Carr. Olympic berths are allocated on the basis of countrys ranking points, not those of individuals. Rather than face the intense competition for the spots reserved for the U.S., she had a much easier path and less competition under the Thai flag.I have no hard feelings toward the U.S. team, Carr said. My chances of making the U.S. team for 2016 were still very high, but I knew I would have a better chance of making the Olympics if I competed for Thailand.It was no flag of convenience, though. Carr has strong connections to Southeast Asia.He mother Lamoon is from Udon Thani, in northeast Thailand near the Laos border. It was there Lamoon met Amandas father, Darol, who was stationed at the U.S. Air Force base during the Vietnam War.Lamoon moved to Florida at age 26 and was 39 when Amanda was born.Regular visits home with her daughter followed. And Carr, since officially becoming a Thai athlete, now visits two or three times a year and has become fluent in the language. Her affection for the country and its people is more than reciprocated, especially since the Asian Games.That was a very cool moment, Carr said. I won the race, but didnt understand the magnitude of it until I watched my Facebook jump by the thousands, and thats when I thought `this is a really big deal.Flying back to Thailand, walking through the airport, we came out and there was an orchid arch, and we met the minister for the airport and there was all this media. I was like `Ok, that was really important for the country.The switch of allegiance to Thailand, she insists, was no snub to the U.S. program or people.The U.S. girls, I see them almost more than I see my own family because Im on the U.S. circuit, Carr said. Now I show up at a race and its like `Whats up, whats up, fist bump, lets roll. Before it was like `Oh God, Ive got to do better than her because that determines funding for the next race. Now we can just enjoy racing each other.That camaraderie will be tested in Rio, with the frantic nature of BMX competition creating a very level field.Of all the girls at this Olympic Games, there is not one without a chance, Carr said. Being an extreme sport, anything can happen. Id love to be in the final, and once Im in the final, Ill let it all hang and roll with it.Its obvious to say `Ill go for gold, but the realistic and honest answer for me is to be in the final, enjoy it, and keep Thailand proud. Jason Hammel Jersey . -- Playing time has been limited for Maxim Tissot this season, so the Montreal Impact defender made the most of his first scoring opportunity on Saturday. Blaine Boyer Jersey . LOUIS -- Mike Smith is used to facing plenty of shots, so this was nothing new. . Bryzgalov stopped 25 shots on Saturday in the Oklahoma City Barons 4-1 victory over the Abbotsford Heat. The Oilers signed Bryzgalov to a one-year $2 million contract last Friday after shedding payroll by dealing defenceman Ladislav Smid to the Flames.In his first major interview since moving to Manchester City, Raheem Sterling reveals why he left Liverpool and how his mum is his Jose Mourinho. Sterlings high-profile £44m move from Anfield to the Etihad Stadium in the summer caused much anger among Liverpool fans, but the 21-year-old has made it clear he moved to better his career.The England international has had a topsy-turvy first season with City, who currently sit 12 points off the Premier League leaders Leicester with a game in hand ahead of the Manchester derby on Sunday, but insists the move was a great opportunity for him. The England international has had a topsy-turvy first season with City Asked by Sky Sports Geoff Shreeves what he thinks of the publics perception of him, Sterling insists he was focused on what was best for his career, and revealed his biggest critic can actually be his mother.He said: The main [comment] on my Instagram is the snake sign - thats the biggest one so far - and someone that loves money, hungry for money. When Shreeves met Sterling and Martial Geoff Shreeves gives us the insight into his interviews with Anthony Martial and Raheem Sterling Realistically, I am trying to improve as a player and thats the most important thing for me and for my development. I just did what I thought was best for my career at that moment in time.Asked about his mother Nadines input on his game, Sterling added: After games you get messages from friends and family and I can honestly say of all the games Ive played this year about 10 to 15 times Ive had - from my mum -  you werent in the box as much as you should be. You should be closer to the goal so it makes it easier for you. Sterlings high-profile £44m move from Anfield to the Etihad Stadium in the summer caused much anger among Liverpool fans I cant believe her level of thinking. I actually call her Jose Mourinho because she actually thinks she is the Chosen One!To be fair to her, at the start when I was 17 she didnt know as much. She knew all the rules and stuff like that - but the things shes telling me are the things I am trying to get better at.Its kind of annoying because those are things Im trying to change and get better at and shes pointing it out to me and I dont like that! Its the fact that its actuually true is the most annoying bit! Sterling has 11 goals in 41 appearances since his move to City Sterling, who has scored 11 goals in 41 games for City, had not engaged with the media since the summer move. Melky Cabrera Jersey. He insists that decision is solely down to him wanting to concentrate on the football, and the desire to let his play on the pitch do the talking. Obviously getting a move to City was a great opportunity for me and a great stepping stone, but I thought to give myself the best chance to progress and do well was to try to stay out of peoples TVs and headlines.I tried to be seen to focus on football and make it the right headlines. Its a difficult one because people formed an opinion on me and I cant do anything to change that.If I came out again and said something else it would probably make the situation a lot worse. Maybe it could have made it better, who knows? Brendan Rodgers spoke to Goals on Sunday about Sterlings move from Liverpool to Manchester City and why he has the potential to be world class I thought to myself at that moment in time it was the right thing to do - get a level playing field and try to keep it a smooth one and go into the season with the right head and focus.I think Ive not done too bad. I think Ive stayed out of the way.See the extended Geoff Shreeves interview with Sterling and Anthony Martial on Super Sunday ahead of Manchester City v Manchester United on Sky Sports 1HD from 3.30pm. 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